Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 A Year in Review

2013 has taken me through a lot of "firsts" planner wise. I've used a planner since I was in grade school to help me keep my assignments in check and to help remember things. These days, I use it to keep up with work tasks, home/personal to-dos, and, once again, school assignments. Since I have a lot more things to keep up with these days, my planner system needed a major upgrade. Those $7.99 spiral planner books from Walmart were just not going to cut it anymore. Plus, they're just not very pretty to look at, are they? So I'm going to take you through a review of my year and how I ended up where I am now. Sit back and enjoy the crazy ride!

I have used a cheapie spiral planner for YEARS! It served its purpose at the time. It was lightweight, slim profile, could fold back on itself so it took up little desk space, and was CHEAP! I could be as rough or careless with it as I wanted because it was inexpensive and the plastic covers were very durable.

The layout of this Mead Planner is a week on two pages and a month on two pages. Each month had a tab. You would tab to the month, see your month on two pages and immediately following the month would be the all the weeks on two pages in that month. This was the format I used for a long time and it took me a while to get used to using Filofax and having my month on two pages and week on two pages in separate areas.

Month on Two Pages with Tabs

Week on Two Pages
While snooping around in Walmart one day (can you tell Walmart is the only place to shop where I live?), I happened upon the Day-Timer Family Plus Planner and loved the layout of the inserts. I thought this would be very helpful in keeping track of everyone in my family's schedule. Oh, and did I mention it has a menu planner for each week incorporated into the weekly insert?! Genius! I used this for several months over the summer and it worked out beautifully until I started school. Once I began classes, I found that the little block reserved for my tasks just wasn't big enough. I needed more room for my things!

Day-Timer Family Plus Binder
 Family Plus Month on Two Pages with tabs.
Family Plus Weekly view, Left Page. There is a block for each family member.
Right page has a menu planner and a generous notes section. The to-do lists on the top were great also!
At this point in time I had discovered Filofax. This is where the downward spiral began (MUAHAHAHA!). I began looking for a personal size binder that would be easy enough to carry around in my bag but still have enough room for my assignments. I lucked up on a personal sized Raspberry Finsbury that had a week on two pages included. This was familiar territory for me and reminded me of my old Mead spirals. I went ahead and purchased a month on two pages to add to my Filofax because I can't function without my monthly spread. I was so happy with the fact that I could rearrange my planner at a whim and totally customize it exactly how I needed. While my Meads usually came with printed designs already on them, the Filofax weekly inserts were completely blank so I was able to decorate as I wished.

Filofax Week on Two pages in my Gillio Compagna
I used these for several months, but once I again I was in the same pickle. I was running out of room! So towards the end of the year I started thinking about switching to the day per page inserts but wasn't sure if I would like them. My gillio came with some great quality "Appointment" pages that had appointment times listed in a left column down the page with a wider column on the right. There was even a notes section on the bottom. They looked like great pages to try a day per page on without investing any money (well besides what I paid for the Gillio, LOL). I used the appointment column on the left for appointment times, and the wider right column for to-do lists. These appointment pages were used throughout the whole month of December and what did I find out? I'm a day per page girl! Yep, it only took a year of searching but I finally found my place!

Gillio "Appointment" Pages turned into a Day Per Page.

Now I finally have enough room for pretty much everything! I never knew it would be such a relief to finally find what works for me and my circumstances. If only these pages were pre printed with the date, I would be all set.

For 2014, I have purchased the Day-Timer 1-Day-Per-Page inserts. I'm still pretty unsure about them if you want to know the truth, but I will do another blog post on the specifics. I guess if it comes down to it, I could just stumble on over to Philofaxy and download some of Steve and Ray's wonderful inserts!

What inserts are you using for 2014? Have you used them in the past or will 2014 be the first year?

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