Thursday, October 10, 2013

How I use a Personal Malden as a Wallet

So sorry it took a while to get this post up. We spent last week in Florida which gave me a great trial run of using a Filofax as a wallet. Unfortunately, while I was there my son got sick so we had to cut our trip short by two days and come home a little early. Oh well, you have to do what you have to do. I'm sure every parent understands that!

Two weeks have gone by since I've received my Malden and I must say I'm very happy with it. The color just pops, and the leather is so darn touchable! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I got the idea from a couple other Filofax users to utilize my Malden not just as a planner but also as my wallet. The thought took some getting used to, and I must say it felt a little funny the first day or so to be without an actual "real" wallet. Things worked out great though and I never really hit any snags with the set up. Using it in this way was actually a bit of a pleasure. Whipping my beautiful leather planner out in public gave me a hint of joy....okay...a lot of joy!

This is how I have everything set up. I put all my coins in the zipper pocket, bills in the slot behind the zipper and my 4 most used cards in the 4 card slots on the side. Since the Malden only has 4 actual card slots, I used 2 credit card sheets in the rings of the binder to hold extra insurance cards, loyalty cards, etc. In the large vertical pocket that's behind the card slots I just kept stickers, post-it notes and other odd things.

Just like in a regular planner, I have my diary/calendar plus all the extra dividers for specific sections. I've had a lot of people ask me if I actually keep a REAL planner in here since I'm using it as a wallet. Yes, I do. I have a Month on Two Pages AND a Week on Two Pages. I couldn't function without these.

The first divider I have in my wallet/planner is the "Expense" tab. Under this section I have finance pages from Filofax and also lined paper. As you can see in the picture above, I used a finance sheet to keep up with all our spending while on our vacation last week. We used tons of gas and ate LOTS of good food! I use the lined paper to keep track of credit card spending and have one sheet with all my bills listed and their due dates.

If you decided you want to try using a Filofax as a wallet, I would suggest buying a pack of these finance sheets. They're set up in the same style as a checkbook register, but unlike a checkbook register, these have quite a bit of room to write. I love them!

Some people like to add a top loading envelope to their rings and keep receipts in that. I, on the other hand, found that the back pocket of the Malden was perfect for me to slip my receipts into. The leather in the Malden allows for the pockets to open nice and wide so I had no trouble reaching in there to fetch them all out when it was time to balance my checkbook. For a brief moment I contemplated keeping my checkbook in that back pocket. I even slipped in in there and was able to snap the clasp but it was a tight fit and I just didn't feel right expecting all that of my poor Malden... ;)

These two, my checkbook and Malden, were my dream team while vacationing in Florida and gave me no problems what so ever. Don't you just love how my Vera Bradley checkbook cover matches my Malden? It's as if they were meant to be!

I would like to say that this dream team is still with me and going strong, but I'm a fickle Filofaxer and wanted to try something I thought might fit my needs even better (I'm not expecting too much, right?)!

I'll update you all on my newest acquisition and "wallet/planner" in my next post.

 Do you have a Filofax that you are using as a wallet? If so, how is it working for you? What tips/suggestions would you give for those thinking of going this route?


  1. I'm waiting for an Aqua Malden myself. I have one preordered from Goldspot but because Filofax is having production issues they may not get them till December if ever. The date has been pushed back 4 or 5 times! I also put an offer on one from one of the fb group members. Waiting to see if my offer was good enough or if someone else will get it. I'm going to Cabo next March and I want to get some VB pieces like your checkbook cover. Perfect match! I've been enjoying your posts about the Teal Malden. Fingers crossed I hear about one coming my way soon!

    I have used the compact Holborn and several pocket sizes as wallets. The pros and cons vary. I really like the Holdborn compact because you can so readily see your cards in the card holders as you can with the Malden personal. With the pocket size ones the card holders force you to double stack the cards. They are still visible though. Just depends on my mood; I like to switch around.

    One thing I noticed is that when I used the card holders in my Holborn, the top one gets kind of stretched out. I've had a couple cards fall out because of this, thankfully didn't loose them. This has me a bit worried. This doesn't happen so far with the pocket size because the credit cards go in the slots vertically instead of horizontally so they haven't slipped out. Have you had that problem at all?

    I really like the VB pattern you chose as it looks lovely with the aqua malden. Makes me want to go on a trip right now! I saw your blog a few weeks ago but forgot to bookmark it. So today I had to google 'aqua malden and vera Bradley checkbook cover' and it popped right up, first entry to your blog! Gotta love google! :)

    1. Thanks for that sweet comment, Cheryl! Glad you were able to find my post again via Google. What did we ever do before google came along, right? Haha!

      I'm sorry you're having such a hard snagging an Aqua Malden. I know they are a bit hard to come by these days. I was lucky enough to snag mine when the first batch of sales happened and they have yet to replenish since then. Hopefully the sale on the fb page will go through for you!

      So you like VB as well?! Always fun to find another VB fan! The print I have in my checkbook cover is called "Island Blooms" and I have a purse in that print as well. You might be able to snag a good deal on the print right now because they are discontinuing it. I know it's highly discounted on the VB website right now. I've also found the "Heather" print has an aqua in it and matches the Aqua malden beautifully as well. I happened upon this since I loved the print and purchased a tote and when I put my malden in the bag I instantly realized it was a match made in heaven!

      As for the Holborn, I have not noticed any stretching of the card slots as of yet. I used it continuously for a month. Maybe with prolonged use this may happen in the future alth

  2. I use a Mini Finchley as a wallet, although I also used my Personal Malden (in grey) as a combined wallet/planner earlier this year.