Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Filofax Finsbury-My latest Obesession!!

*Warning* This is a picture heavy post! Enjoy!

Anyone that has known me for, well, any length of time will know that I have a small unhealthy obsession with office supplies. They may also know that I keep a very detailed planner and write down just about every to-do, birthday, major/minor life events, etc. in said planner. They could go on to say I may be a little....weird...about it, but hey, we're all a little weird, right?

My newest obsession takes two of the things that I LOVE (planners & office goodies) and combines them. This new obsession is a FILOFAX! If you don't know what a Filofax is and you're not clued into the frenzy, just head over to Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram and do a little searching. Just beware! If you're like me, you will soon find you've spent hours searching through other people's setups, decorations, videos, and blogs and will quickly find yourself pining for one yourself.

After having a Day-Timer Family Plus for a few months, I decided I needed something a bit smaller. The Family Plus was a bit cumbersome to lug around every day with it's 8 1/2 X 5 1/2 size and found with all my decorating, dividers, and notes, it was soon the weight of a brick. While scouring Youtube one day for "Planner Decorating" I came across my first introduction to Filofax. Ahhh....then I fell in love! One week of heavy researching later, I ordered a Personal sized Finsbury in the color Raspberry! *Drumroll* Annnnddd.. here is my lovely beauty...

Isn't she pretty?!
This is what my Finsbury looks like when you open it. Many people use the 6 cards slots on the left cover to put business cards or even use it as a wallet, but I just stick all my cute sticky notes in there. ;)

My Color Key.
I've just started in the last month using color coding. I tried at first with different colored pen ink and I just didn't like the look of it and found it hard for my eyes to read. I changed things up a bit and now use my Sharpie Pen to write everything in, then I go back with the appropriate color and highlight it.

My card slots all neat and tidy. 
In total disarray.
Week on 2 Pages
For right now I'm using the Week on 2 Pages. The planner didn't come with a Month on 2 Pages like I'm used to seeing in my old planners, so I ordered some from the Filofax website. As you can tell, I've jumped on the "Washi Tape Bandwagon" (is there a blog with this name? If not, someone please make one! lol). I have lots of fun getting out my washi tapes, stickers, tabs, etc to decorate my pages every week. It keeps me coming back to my Filofax (not like I'm having any problem with that...I LOVE IT) and also makes it fun to stay organized. Who knew that was possible, right?

Tiiiiny Pen Loop

One thing I find a bit disappointing is the pen loop. It is entirely made of leather and has no give what-so-ever. I watched a few videos on the Finsbury where people said that it was a generous leather pen loop, but I'm not finding this so. Even my skinny sharpie pen isn't fitting. In this pic, I have my Vera Bradley pen. It has a VERY strong clip so I put the clip in the loop and this holds my pen. I just ordered a self-adhesive pen loop from Amazon so we will see how that goes.
My handmade dividers
The Finsbury came with boring beige dividers that I knew right away had to go! I took the Filofax dividers and traced them onto photo scrapbooking paper which I then glued together to give it some weight. I really think they turned out pretty good. I might eventually make some printed labels for them. I was also supplied lined paper in each of these colors (minus the green) and put that color under its coordinating divider.
Back Zipper Pocket
The Finsbury also comes with a full length zipper pocket on the back that I use to store my stickers and tabs in. I've played around with the idea of using this as a wallet and if I do, this would be where I would store my cash and coins.
So there you have it! My new Filofax Personal Finsbury! I've only had it for 3 days now so I'm still "moving in" and figuring out how I want everything placed, but that's the most fantastic thing about Filofax! It can be totally personalized to fit your needs! No two are exactly the same. I can't wait to make this one totally unique and well...totally me!
Do you have a Filofax...or two....or three? If so, what was your first Filofax?
Don't have a Filofax? How do you keep organized?

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  1. Ooh, I really like the Finsbury! I've never paid it much before, but if I am to become a collector, this will have to be on my future list! :)