Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Onesie Dream Team

As any mother will tell you, with a baby comes the insane desire to endlessly shop for their baby. We can be wearing the most raggedy pajamas to bed at night, but our baby is going to have the best, dangit! Just give us a credit card and watch us buy, buy, buy!!

My sad obsession as of late is cheesy, mildly funny (although, extremely hilarious to me) onesies. I can find myself browsing for hours upon hours in search of the funniest thing to put my baby in. It's actually quite sad and I'm almost 99% certain he will hate me in the future when I show his girlfriend all the pictures of him in his little onsies. Better than showing off naked baby pictures, am I right?!? No?

Well today I was up to my usual browsing and came across a few that I'm pondering over. Each one shows a different side to Baby O's personality.

Not quite sure what this tells everyone. Maybe, "my parents are alcoholic hussies?" Hmm...I should probably rethink this one. At least the "Me" on the onesie is in a heart. That makes it all better.

This one shows off his "techie" side because you know...his dad is stuff. That, or it just lets everyone know that he likes to poo. Either way, it's a win in my book.

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Wearing this bad boy will let everyone know that he's Mr. Social Man. What baby doesn't have a Facebook page nowadays?

I love this onesie! Since we live about 1 hour from Memphis, we can't help but talk gangsta! And by "gangsta," I mean as gangsta as a white baby can....

I think I saved the best for last....

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There are simply no words. ONESIE WIN!

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