Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now I always know what's for dinner!

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing on Facebook when I saw a status update from a friend talking about something called E-Mealz. I was kind of curious (and a little bored) so I decided to click the link and see what it is that she felt compelled to share with everyone. After reading a bit about the website/program I learned that it's a meal planning website for families that need easy meals to cook for their family and that are also low-priced. They offer a meal plan for just about anyone and anywhere you normally shop. You must subscribe to one meal plan and the cost is a one $15 dollar charge for three months worth of meals. I decided to sign up for the "Wal-Mart for 2" meal plan since that is where we do most of our grocery shopping.

We've just completed our second week and I must say I am impressed. At first, the most noticeable thing is the wallet friendly meals. You are provided 5 days worth of meals (you're on your own for the weekends) that are very very cheap. We haven't paid more than $45 bucks for a week's worth of dinners. With the meal plan you get the directions for all the meals, but you also listen closely here it's the best get a shopping list for the store you selected with all the information for each item down to the brand and the price (which I found to be right on, minus a few pennies here and there)!! Its even divided by store department so finding all your items is SOO easy! At the bottom of the shopping list they add up all the prices of the items to give you a grand total for your meals for that specific week.

What I also found pretty cool about this menu plan/shopping list is, if you have a picky child (or in my case, picky husband) and you know they won't eat a specific meal just look on your shopping list and to the left of each item will be a number that corresponds to that meal's number. Just cross off any items on your shopping list that have that meal's number next to it! For example, the tuna melt meal is meal #2 on my week's menu but we don't like tuna so I just get the shopping list and cross off all items with a #2 beside them! See how easy that is?

I don't know if I'm behind the loop as far as this goes, but if I am I sure wish I would have found out about this earlier! My biggest pet peeve is getting stuck in a dinner rut where we continually have the same meals every week. Spaghetti on Monday, pasta on Tuesday, hamburgers Wednesday, chicken breast on Thursday.....and on and on. I'm falling asleep just thinking about it! So this gives us variety, and I actually find myself looking forward to what's for dinner rather than dreading it.

I suggest giving this a try if, like me, you need easy meals that your whole family will like, that are easy to cook, and are budget friendly. If you're wanting to give it a whirl, go to the site take a look at some of the example menu's they have posted and see for yourself. If you find yourself wanting to sign up, click on the E-Mealz pic below to sign up!!


Yay for convenience!!

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